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Euqosafe is an online retailer that aims to reduce plastic waste by replacing it with a range of biodegradable, home compostable, and sustainably sourced premium products. Euqosafe provides a range of items like sauce cups, bowls, plates, lids, trays, containers & more. You can even order a sample kit. Earth's future is all in our hands and together we have to take the first step towards positive environmental change.

Why shop from them?

- Environmental friendly products
- Premium materials
- Completely food safe
- Competitive pricing

Peace of mind

Euqosafe products are made from sugarcane waste which is the preferred alternative to polystyrene, plastic & foam. Euqosafe sources high-quality raw materials that are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. These products are food safe, microwave safe, freezer-friendly, and water & grease resistant. Shop their products with timely discounts that run for a limited time,

Shop 50ml Sauce Cup2oz / 50ml Sugarcane Pulp based Paper Sauce Cups for $99.95 - view offer 
Shop 50ml Sauce Cup Lid2oz / 50ml Sugarcane Pulp based Paper Sauce Cups Lid for $99.95 - view offer 
Shop 180ml Bowl6oz / 180 ml Eco Friendly Compostable Biodegradable Round Bowl (Party Supplies) for $62.95 - view offer
Also, get additional discounts using Discount Codes and Promo codes. Prices are for limited time only. Please make sure of the validity of the offer and prices at merchants website. 

Euqosafe products are completely recyclable and can be composted in both home and industrial composting. They can be recycled in traditional paper recycling provided they are heavily contaminated with food. They believe ecology and economy come hand in hand and so offer competitive pricing.

Payment methods

The following payment method is accepted: Credit/Debit card.

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