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SockGiam is an Australian store to buy the best pair of socks for you online. With Sockgaim, you get the right pair of socks for every occasion, from work to sport, from casual to fun, and for bedtime as well. You're in the right place if you want to buy socks online. They have a unique and diverse collection of bright, comfortable socks crafted by Australian artists. No matter how conservatively you need to cover up for work, you can let your individuality shine and make a subtle statement with a pair of chic socks that you love.

Why choose them?

- 24/7 Customer Service
- Provides secure payment options
- Worldwide shipping available
- Beautiful and comfortable socks.
- Attractive socks designs

Sockgaim makes the coolest and most visible sneakers. Join the Sockgaim family to be a part of an exclusive wearable art club that you can use to set yourself apart. In addition to the amazing designs, you can help fund local charities. For each pair sold, a part goes to donate brand new socks to those who need them most. People wear socks every day without even caring about how convenient it is to cover up the real estate. By subscribing to Sockgaim and making us take care of it, you're going to get the best socks around.
Shop their products at discounted prices,
Get monthly subscription for $16/month - view here
Get Pay Once Subscription for 6 months now $95 one-off payment - view here
Save $4 OFF on selected pair of socks - view here 
Also, get additional discounts using Discount Codes and Promo codes. Prices are for limited time only. Please make sure of the validity of the offer and prices at merchants website. 

For every sock you buy, a part goes to charity – plus, your wearable art helps local designers who work on our cool projects. Join their sock club of SockGaim, and get a pair of artist-designed socks in the mail. Every single month.

Shipping And Returns

On average, if you live in Australia, you’ll obtain your Sockgaim within five to ten days of each month. International shipping can vary and can take up to three weeks. SockGaim always tries to get your precious socks to you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, SockGaim does not have any return policy but they ensure their customers will receive the socks they won’t feel to return.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted: American Express, MasterCard, Paypal, and VISA.

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