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Hallensteins maintain their excellent reputation for selling clothing essentials that are excellent in value and quality. These items include jeans, chinos and T-shirts. While Hallensteins brothers will always aim to be fashionable, they recognize that our ongoing success will require a wide range of customers and products.


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Hallensteins brothers - Power of Suits

Hallenstein Brothers is one of the leading Menswear online retailer with professional fashion in their designs. Hallensteins Brothers was founded by Bendix Hallenstein in late 1800's. The success behind their standing demand is their high-end fashion apparels, they keep on updating it. Checkout their Facebook page here
Hallenstein, as stated above has their passion towards new and innovative styles, take a look at their style videos. here
They try to give the joy of fashion to all age groups from professional suits to casual polos.

  Check Hallensteins Facebook page
  Check Hallensteins Twitter page

Offers and Events

Hallenstiens Brothers offers Promotions from time- time, some of them is as follows,
Shirts 2 for $60,
Kit underwear 3 for $20,
Polos 2 for $60 and more. Remember to check here before purchasing you order.

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BROTHERS25 worked fine on 19 feb 2014! :lol:
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woohoo 2nd code worked for me!
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thnx... 2nd code saved few $$ today
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received 25% using BROTHERS25 awesome!!
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thnx for code guys,HBLCLIX202 2! it worked!!
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thnx for the 20% Off code!
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BROTHERS25 worked great today
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BROTHERS25 still works..awesome :-)
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2nd offer code BROTHERS25 worked!!!
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HBFRENZY gave 25% Off on my coat ;-)
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BROTHERS25 worked as specified on my polos, great work guys!
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