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Ito En Australia

Ito En Australia is a high grade Australian grown tea retailer that is an owned subsidiary of the largest Green Tea manufacturer in Japan. They decided to grow Japanese tea in North East Victoria as the climatic conditions are best suited. Ito En Australia has grown step by step and now has a range of products like tea bags, teaware, loose leaf tea, bottled drinks & more. They have popular Stockists like Coles, Woolworths, Catch, etc.

Why shop from them?

- High-grade Australian tea
- Japanese techniques & expertise
- Free delivery on orders over $50
- 21 days return policy for a defective product

How to brew?

Ito En Australia guides you on 'How to brew green tea'. You can start by boiling 240ml of water and pouring evenly between 2 cups. Then place 2 teaspoons or 6 grams into the teapot. After the water is cooled to room temperature pour from teacups into the teapot and brew for 90 seconds. Pour small amounts alternating between each cup and Shinca and Sencha can be infused twice or thrice. Refer to their table for different varieties of green tea. Shop their products with discounts,

Get Free shipping for orders over $50 - view here
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Also, get additional discounts using Discount Codes and Promo codes. Prices are for limited time only. Please make sure of the validity of the offer and prices at merchants website. 

Ito En Australia takes good care of the green tea leaves as soon as it is harvested because it best when processed fresh. On reaching the factory, the leaves are tested for contamination and steamed to prevent them from oxidising. Then the leaves are rolled and dried using a variety of machines. Finally, it is refined and packaged.

Shipping and returns

Get free shipping on orders over $50, If you receive a defective product ordered or a wrong product delivered (in its original packaging), you can return it with a copy of the invoice, within 21 days from the date of receipt. The following payment methods are accepted: VISA, Mastercard.

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