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Sensory Stand

Sensory Stand is an online retailer of beat professional sensory tools for children and adults with or without special needs. They have a range of products like chewable necklaces, handled chews, baby chews, pencil toppers, drinking items, etc. They have tools for different oral sensory preferences like soft, middle, and toughest. There's no age limit to ARk's chew, Krypto-bite - is most popular with adults.

Why shop from them?

- Professional sensory tools
- ARK's chewing guide
- 30 days return policy
- Free standard shipping on orders over $50

How to choose the right chew

The Sensory stand has created lot of different shapes, sizes, textures, and toughness - as everybody's preference varies. Choose the right chew by thinking about how you or your child prefers to chew. If you choose the Back Teeth category then long/sender chew tools are apt and if you use front teeth then go for a wider variety of chews to chew. Shop their products with discounted prices,
Save 14% OFF Ark's brick stick textured chew necklace now $17.99 AUD (was $20.99 AUD) - view here
Save 15% OFF on Krypto-bite chewable pencil topper now $12.74(was $14.99) - view here
Save 10% OFF on Krypto-bite chewable necklace now $16.99(was $18.99) - view here
Also, get additional discounts using Discount Codes and Promo codes. Prices are for limited time only. Please make sure of the validity of the offer and prices at merchants website. 

Chewing guide

The Sensory stand has its Chewing guide to assist with all the requited information. You can choose regular grabbers, textured grabbers, etc, are a great choice, The Baby Grabber is a good choice for babies and toddlers, Chewelry would be good for 5 years and up and Pencil Toppers becomes a good fit for 6-7 years and up.

Shipping and returns

Get free standard shipping for orders over $50. If you are not satisfied with the purchase then, you can contact them within 30 days of the delivery date at [email protected] The following payment methods are accepted: AMEX, Mastercard, Paypal, VISA.

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