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Lite n' Easy is one of the leading online healthy food and nutrition retailer delivering the best healthy, tasty meals to assisting you in losing weight.
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Lite n' Easy

Lite n' Easy is one of the leading online healthy food and nutrition retailer delivering the best healthy, tasty meals to assisting you in losing weight. Also it is a convenient and best option for eople who dont have time to cook healthy and nutrition foods at home. Lite n' easy takes care of your meal plans for everyday including breakfast, lunch and dinner with over 100 of meal choices with balanced nutrition and perfectly portioned. Lite n' easy has dedicated team of nutritionists to ensure you are being delivered the best and nutirtional diet for the day and helps in improving your health, lose weight. You can find all the nutritional information for the lite n' easy menus including individual meal items and snack items.

Why Choose them?

- Nutritional Values
- Balanced diet
- Delivered to your door step
- Friendly consultant


Lite n' Easy brings you the best possible meal solution in today's hectic lifestyle. Lite n' easy makes delicious food with a wide range of meal options, Their menus are constantly changing so you will always find something new and exciting here. They always choose the best quality ingredients and fresh vegetables in kitchen jus like our homes and are hand cut, belended & then added to the meals. They ensure the quality check by evaluating all the meals prepared for the day every morning. Their meals are developed depending your calories, you can choose between the 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie menus. The menu structure ensures you have plenty of food spread throughout the day so you won’t be left feeling hungry.


Lite n' Easy takes great care to make sure your meals are nutritionally balanced and complete. Their meal plans are offer a practical learning model that teaches portion control and encourages healthy eating habits which can be easily replicated to help you keep the weight off for good. Measuring success is one the important task once you take up a dieting plan. They are many ways to measure the weight loss like BMI tst, Scale weight, waist measurement, rewarding yourselfing. Combining regular exercise with a healthy eating plan can improve your energy levels and your overall health. Get all the required assistance from their experts in nutrition and diet plan.


Lite n' easy provides you with flexible options that suit your needs exactly. With Lite n’ Easy you can pick and choose just about any combination of meals to suit your individual needs. Simply click on your state in the menu bar to the left for a full list of all the options available. The following payment methods are accepted:

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